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Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University strives to take maximum responsibility for implementing the national policy for higher education. This policy, among other aspects, is targeted at creating a new economy, an economy of knowledge, leadership, and innovation. It follows that the key role here is to be played by expert engineers competent with state-of-the-art technologies, capable of solving complex industry-related tasks, and willing to propel Russia’s economic development to the next level.

Technological needs of an innovation knowledge-based economy require the next generation of engineers and other technical personnel to exhibit a wide range of core competencies. Acknowledging this, Polytechnic University purports to train specialists proficient in global, systems thinking, knowledgeable and skilled in specialized, inter-, multi-, and transnational areas, and dedicated to continuing education and self-improvement.

Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University is a large Russian technical university, encompassing a number of long-standing, high-profile scientific schools and holding an impressive track record of undisputed achievements in research, education and innovation. Drawing on key global trends in research and development, technology and education, the ambitious “Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100” issued the challenge to the Polytechnic University to join the world’s top 100 universities by the year 2020 and thus win a position at the cutting edge of the global education.

The strategic goal of SPbPU is the modernization and development of the university into a leading globally competitive research and education center for integrating interdisciplinary research and world-class technologies.

In the past century over 150,000 specialists graduated from the University. An impressive number of them became Laureates of the most prestigious national and international awards (e.g. Nobel prize), holders and winners of honorary and distinguished awards, Members and Corresponding Members of the national Academy of Sciences, founders of new research directions and schools.

People who have studied and lectured at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University during more than one hundred years contributed much to the fame and recognition of the university. Nobel laureates P.L. Kapitsa, N.N. Semyonov, Zh.I. Alfyorov, academicians A.F. Ioffe, I.V. Kurchatov, A.A. Radtsig, Yu. B. Khariton are just a few prominent names among hundreds of talented scientists and production managers whose activities are connected with the University and whose achievements served as the foundation for the development of the Russian science and engineering. You can learn more about them and the history of Polytechnic University on our site.