News 44

ETU "LETI" researchers developed a method to diagnose and treat COVID-19 using peptides

Researchers of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" are developing an innovative system for rapid diagnostics and treatment of COVID-19 using peptides, complementary to coronavirus spike.

“Healers” of silent witnesses of history: ETU "LETI" researchers developed innovative technologies for preserving the cultural heritage

ETU "LETI" researchers presented their experience in the restoration of cultural and historical monuments using laser and optoelectronic technologies at Berlin Science Week.

ETU "LETI" at SPIIF 2019: Breakthrough developments, topical discussions, and prospects for cooperation

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" took part in the events of the XII St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum.

ETU “LETI" researchers have proposed using artificial intelligence to effectively monitor animal health

ETU “LETI" researchers' project in the field of video monitoring of animal health parameters was supported by a joint grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Ministry of Science and Technology of Israel.

Strengthening the leading position in the artificial intelligence market

ETU "LETI" established the Alexander Popov Innovation Institute of Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Communications for a cooperative scientific and academic program in the field of artificial intelligence with the Michael Dukakis Institute for Leadership and Innovation (Boston, USA).

A world-famous artist: ETU "LETI" painting robot recognized as the best project at the International Technical Fair in Bulgaria

A painting robot created by the developers of the ETU “LETI” Youth Research Institute received a gold medal as the best project at the 75th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv (Bulgaria).

An acute hearing at any age: artificial intelligence will help doctors make a diagnosis

Researchers at ETU “LETI” presented the results of research aimed at solving the problem of hearing impairment in the elderly to the European scientific community.

Urgent diagnosis means saved children's lives: ETU researchers have developed a unique X-ray diagnostic complex for newborns

Researchers of ETU "LETI" have developed a digital portable X-ray diagnostic complex for neonatology, which allows to accurately diagnose little patients in unspecialized conditions in the shortest possible time and with the minimum radiation dose.

Neural networks on guard of health: the development of St. Petersburg researchers interested international ethologists

The joint project of the young researchers of ETU "LETI" and the University of Haifa entitled "Automated System for Analyzing Animal Behavior" was presented at the HEALTHINF-2019 conference on health informatics.

Researchers of ETU "LETI" are preparing to test a unique device for cancer treatment

Researchers from ETU "LETI" are preparing for clinical trials of a unique Russian medical device for the oncological disease treatment. Successful completion of the project first stage was ensured by the coordinated teamwork of like-minded teachers and students.

Microchip against infections: a method for the rapid diagnostic tests of microorganisms developed by ETU researchers will increase the effectiveness of ant

Researchers of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" together with specialists from the Saint Petersburg Pasteur Institute have developed an express method for analyzing infections that allows identification of microorganisms and testing their antimicrobial resistance.

Scientists of MEPhI learned to destroy cancer tumors by laser

MEPhI specialists together with colleagues from the University of Ex-Marseilles (France) proposed a new approach in the destruction of cancer tumors and their metastases by "burning out" with the help of laser radiation. The results of this work are published in the famous international scientific journal Scientific Reports (included in the Nature publishing house).