News 108

HSE Continues to Rise in THE World University Rankings

HSE University
In the latest Times Higher Education university rankings, the Higher School of Economics rose to the 351-400 category among 1,102 schools worldwide. This is an improvement on last year, when HSE was in the 401-500 group, with the university ranking fourth among the 27 Russian universities that made it to the ranking.

Blockchain for Patenting Intellectual Property: How Will it Work?

How does one create a blockchain which can protect intellectual property? What’s the point? What are the consequences of changing the system so that new inventions aren’t registered on paper but digitally? The hope is that innovation production, and new high-tech products will be produced faster.

MIT Experts on Russian Entrepreneurship

MIT Global Startup Labs program started off in the Business Incubator of ITMO University in June. The program goes on for eight weeks and is organized by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Starting from the year 2000, a similar MIT GSL program has been carried out in 14 countries, altogether 59 times. This summer marks the first time that the program is conducted in Russia.

ITMO and South Korea Launch SumIT Startup School

On July 31, ITMO University’s business incubator launched the International SumIT Summer School. This year the acceleration program will welcome young entrepreneurs from South Korea. Three startups, each supervised by a Russian mentor, will work and study here for two weeks.

ITMO University and NSU - New Collaborations for the National Technology Initiative

ITMO and Novosibirsk State University initiated a collaboration agreement for a period of five years to enhance the development of quantum technologies, innovative entrepreneurship and realization of the National Technology Initiative in Russia's regions.

ITMO Technopark Resident Receives 44 Million for HIV Cure Development

The company AGCT, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, will receive funding of more than 44 million rubles from RBV Capital Fund. The contract was signed during the Startup Village conference. The company is working on development of a complete cure for HIV.

FactoryFinder: ITMO Graduates Develop Service To Optimize Procurement

According to the data by GfK Rus research agency, more than a third of Internet users regularly make purchases in Internet stores; consumers are becoming more used to choosing and buying things online, and various services allow them to quickly order a taxi, book a ticket or rent an apartment. Yet, can this work in the b2b segment?

ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design Enters PLDC's Top-5 Best Universities

ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design entered the top-5 universities according to PLDC (Professional Lighting Design Convention) and was nominated for the prestigious PLDR award. Among the short-runners are universities and professionals from the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland and Great Britain.

ITMO Scientists Receive Russian Science Foundation Grants

According to the results of the first three rounds of the Presidential research funding program, 504 pilot projects, 239 youth research teams and 31 laboratories have been awarded grants.

METANANO-2017: International Conference on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials held in Vladivostok

The annual international conference on nanophotonics and metamaterials kicked off on 18 September in Vladivostok at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). The conference brings together more than 230 scientists and researchers from all over the world.

ITMO (PhD) Student Joins Research at XFEL

When the European X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) was inaugurated on September 1, a whole range of opportunities became available to the world's scientists - opportunities they could only dream of before. Soon, the new facility will contribute to new advances that seemed impossible due to the lack of equipment this powerful.

ITMO University Will Host 20th International Sol-Gel Conference

Universities from Switzerland, Greece, and Russia competed for the right to host the 20th International Sol-Gel Conference in 2019; ITMO University, whose scientists have recently received the prestigious Ulrich Award in the field of sol-gel technologies, has become the winner.