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The most talented foreign students will study in a Master's programs at best Russian universities

New international Competition (Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project) for Master's entrants was successfully completed. Winners and prize-winners will enroll in a chosen university without passing entrance exams.

Best Russian universities open their doors to foreign students

Olympiads for undergraduate and graduate students will open new opportunities for attracting foreign students to Russian universities

Results of the «I am professional» Student Olympiad

HSE University
On 21 February press conference devoted to the major educational contest «I am professional» where 295 thousands students all around Russia took part was held. The winners of the Olympiad will receive not only valuable prizes, but also unique professional opportunities

Open Doors Competition Gives International Students Opportunity to Study in Russia

An intellectual competition for future international Master’s students, the Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project, is kicking off soon, with registration of participants beginning on Nov. 20, 2017. Winners will get an opportunity to study tuition-free, courtesy of the government of the Russian Federation, at Russia’s leading universities.