Best Russian universities open their doors to foreign students

Olympiads for undergraduate and graduate students will open new opportunities for attracting foreign students to Russian universities
Best Russian universities open their doors to foreign students

As part of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project, leading Russian universities want to be in demand amongst talented students from around the world. According to the experience of The Association of Global Universities, olympiads tend to be the most successful tool to attract best students, and in this regard, starting from 2017, a project to attract foreign students through the olympiads for undergraduate and graduate programs has begun.

Intermediate results of participation of the 5-100 Project universities in the international Olympiads were discussed by the members of the enlarged Association Council meeting.

This year is the first to hold the international Olympiad for students of a magistracy "Open Doors: New Scholarship Project". Foreign entrants who have won the competition in one of the 4 directions ("Mathematics", "Physics", "Computer Science", "Economics") will be enrolled without exams in the master's program of the best Russian universities. Summing up the results of the contest  Association members decided to consider 11 universities participating in the Project 5-100 as the organizers of the Olympiad:  HSE University, MISiS, MEPhI, NSU, TSU, SPbSTU, UFU, MIPT, ITMO, Immanuel Kant BFU, SFU.

The participants also discussed the need to expand the range of programs aimed at foreign students, and to develop a discounts scheme for foreign applicants who admit to a paid Department. In addition, it was decided to prepare and send to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia a proposal to include the Olympiad in the Priority project "Export of Russian education" and to develop a plan for the implementation of the Olympiad in the next school year.

As part of the discussion of the interim results of the international Olympiad for undergraduate students, it was decided to retain the experience of the selection Olympiads with international participation into a separate list within the whole list of Russian school Olympiads. Association members admitted that foreign students demonstrate an insufficient level of knowledge in comparison with Russian schoolchildren, and therefore it is important to develop additional Olympiad tasks for this audience. The Association plans to launch Olympiads involving allocation of quotas to winners and prize-winners, as well as the development of joint competitive projects with partner universities from different countries