Legal news in Education: 10 issue of law digest

The new issue of digest on legal information informs about legislative changes in Education, including law proposals at the stage of public debates and the stage of State Duma discussion
Legal news in Education: 10 issue of law digest

Information about the Draft of Federal Law «About scientific, technological and innovative activities in Russia», which will replace Federal Law «About science and state scientific and technological policy» is included in the new issue of digest. This is the settlement of relations between agents conducting and developing science and innovations: distribution of authority, stimulating innovations, legal scientist’ status, degree awarding,  etc.

Another novelty described in the issue is improving targeted training. Excluding  customer’s obligation to organize internships and employment, including citizen’s obligation to master the program, including the customer’s opportunity to be informed about the status of the student and his results – are substantial changes in law. Besides the new draft law fixes the terms of employment (at least 3 years) at the customer’s company. Also, the fine size will be limited to the amount of customer’s expenditures instead of double fine as it was earlier.

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