Legal news in Education: 9 issue of law digest

The new winter digest on legal information invites to discuss latest problems of education legislation and also informs about last changes in law
Legal news in Education: 9 issue of law digest

«Legal practiсe and legislative initiatives» is a project devoted to solving legal problems for 5-100 Project successful realization. The digest has been released regularly within this project. The initiative aims to sharing legislation experience, cases, best practices between the participants of The Association of Global Universities. The members of the Assosiation are involved in lawmaking on regular basis either at the stage of public debates, or preparing draft laws for federal executive authorities of Russian federation.


The new issue of the digest introduces information about:

  • procedure of admitting foreign entrants for  secondary, higher, supplementary education;
  • draft law on providing male students with preemptive right to enter pedagogical programs;
  • draft law on the opportunity to shift the date of academic year to 1 October by municipality;
  • excluding the term «educational service» out of the laws;
  • etc.

There are also changes in existing laws that can’t be missed. Particularly, the regulation on licensing control of educational activities has been adopted by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science.

For more details please read he full version of the digest: