Results of the «I am professional» Student Olympiad

On 21 February press conference devoted to the major educational contest «I am professional» where 295 thousands students all around Russia took part was held. The winners of the Olympiad will receive not only valuable prizes, but also unique professional opportunities
Results of the «I am professional» Student Olympiad

2030 participants became diploma winners and 248 students became medalist of the young professionals competition, which was held in 27 areas of technical, humanitarian and natural sciences. Besides 53 students became gold medalist and  won money prizes – 200 thousand rubles for bachelors and 300 thousand rubles for masters. These students will receive also certificates for any master or graduate program  admission and the   an opportunity to take internship in leading companies. Moreover participants’ profiles will be placed in the National data base «Young professionals». The manager of the Olympiad, Valeria Kasamara, says: «The organizers of the contest guarantee that winners and prize-winners will be provided with individual career development help such as making CV or finding training courses for competence improvement[1]».

Russian Union of Industrialist and Entrepreneurs and «Business Russia» together with 10 Russian universities (8 of them are 5-100 Project participants) are initiators of the Olympiad. It is a part of an open platform «Russia is the country of opportunities», which is created for transparent system of social lifts and self-realization  of talented youth in different professional areas.

Olympiad tasks were created by experts from leading Russian universities and companies in Russia. Organizers noticed that the contest tests not abstract erudition, but professional knowledge.


[1] Press conference  devoted to the results of the first professional student Olympiad //