A Graduate of NSU Physics Department was Awarded the Title "Distinguished Scientist" in Chicago

Only two dozen Fermilab scientists, a leader in high-energy physics, elementary particles and astrophysics, have received this honor.
A Graduate of NSU Physics Department was Awarded the Title "Distinguished Scientist" in Chicago

Valery Lebedev, a graduate of the NSU Department of Physics NSU became a «Distinguished Scientist» at the Enrico Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in Chicago, USA. 

According to the Laboratory website, Valery Anatolievich received the honor for developments in the field of accelerator physics that led to a significant increase in the luminosity of the Tevatron collider. In 2016 Valery Lebedev and Vladimir Shiltsev, who is also a graduate of the NSU PD, wrote a book on the «Tevatron Collider». This Collider was operating long before the launch of the famous Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. The book «Accelerator Physics at the Tevatron Collider», published by the German Springer publishing house, describes the contribution of the Tevatron team to the physics of accelerators and elementary particle beams.

In addition, Fermilab noted Valery Lebedev for his work on the discovery of a new mechanism for particle loss due to intracellular dispersion, the development of new methods for cooling beams, including electronic, stochastic and optical stochastic cooling, and in the development of new generation high-intensity accelerators.

«Distinguished Scientist» is an honorary title given to employees engaged in research activities in various fields of science at foreign institutes and universities. At the top of this hierarchy is the rank (Full) Professor, and above that a named distinguished Professor (the Head of a department founded by a patron who is selected in a detailed process).