Revision Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for providing control over the financial and economic activity of the Association. The core of its expertise are ensuring that public money is spent efficiently and effectively, to achieve high-quality services for member institutions; monitoring the financial and economic activity of the Association; providing yearly financial and economic audits of the Association and assessing annual reports, balance sheets and financial plan of the Association before they are approved by the General Assembly.

It is elected by the General Assembly of the Association from among representatives of the members of the Association. The Commission includes a Chairman and two members elected for a period of three years. Term of office of current Committee is 2 November 2017 — 2 November 2020.

Member of Audit Committee

Сычева Елена Сергеевна

Начальник отдела внутреннего аудита

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU, Russia)